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The common rumour running through the Destiny community at the moment is that Bungie have delayed the release of Destiny 2; previously set for release this summer (according to their 10-year road-plan) the game has been shelved to assure better gameplay and a more coherent story line, something which players have complained about since the debut of the soon-to-be-series.

However, Bungie content release plan also details bi-annual release of main games and expansions – with seemingly nothing to fill this summer with, and content from the brilliant The Taken King expansion running dry, the future of Destiny lies in the balance. Thanks to a new poster leak though, fans of the game can look forward to another expansion on the current base game.

The poster shows what appears to be Lord Saladin, the Iron Banner Lord, standing in front of what Reddit user fuzzle_hc has shown to be the Wall (outside of The Last City), broken through. The image he uses as proof can be seen below:

The GIF also shows the original poster, branded with “Rise of Iron” – which is likely to be the name of this new expansion. A better image is displayed as the featured image, if you want to take a better look for yourself.

According to Kotaku, who leaked the poster, originally said that the new raid – which has already been confirmed by a source – would be one that was cut from House of Wolves, but have since corrected their article to reflect new information that the raid would be one that was started from scratch last summer.

One potential storyline for the new expansion has already been set out by prominent Destiny streamer ProfessorBroman. Somehow, it seems unlikely that Lord Saladin will be hugging any of the Guardians, but it would be a pretty scenario to see the players using the Vex timegates to start defeating the threat of The Darkness before it strikes.

ProfessorBroman's idea for the "Rise of Iron" storyline
ProfessorBroman’s idea for the “Rise of Iron” storyline

Despite the positivity that the new update will bring to the Destiny community, it still brings worries for the Fall. With Destiny 2 set back until 2017, there’s still another season to provide content for. Although Bungie have tried to fill the void between The Taken King and Rise of Iron with miniature expansions such as Festival of the Lost and Sparrow Racing League, these are limited time events that draw back the crowd for a short time, but don’t keep players engaged. Even the recent updates to raise the Light level and expand the gear available doesn’t seem to have captivated too many people, especially with the release of big titles like Overwatch.

Overall, the new expansion looks promising. There’s a lot that Bungie could do with the potential storyline, and that’s definitely excited. Hopefully the new raid will add more reason for players to come back and participate in the community, and the Destiny Tower will look more like a city than the barren wastelands of Mars.

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Destiny 2 delayed

Destiny ten year road-plan

Reddit user fuzzle_hc’s proof of new expansion’s location

Original Kotaku article on the new poster

ProfessorBroman’s idea for the “Rise of Iron” storyline

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