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With the release of the new Destiny Year 2 expansion Rise of Iron coming in out in a few short months, developers Bungie took once more to Twitch to give players a taste of what to expect from the newest update.

For the reveal stream, community manager Deej and other esteemed members of the Bungie development team explored the Cosmodrome. The starting area of Destiny has undergone some changes since the events of the last expansion pack, The Taken King (TTK). Most notably, the Cosmodrome wall is now missing its roof, and the once bottomless pit below is now filled with a soft, snowy blanket. In fact, snow has been falling more heavily since September’s TTK release, and the Cosmodrome feels different because of it. More alarmingly though, something has been dismantling the Cosmodrome and everything within it, including The Blast’s Devil Walker, which now finally lays silent.

The work done on the Cosmodrome is not just cosmetic however, and the Fallen Devil Splicers (the new enemies in Rise of Iron) have opened up new areas on Earth, including The Plaguelands. Here, the SIVA threat – “a key player on team evil” – reigns supreme, and Guardians are about to engage in a new story, built for player’s to discover on their own. The SIVA virus appears to be the main focus of Rise of Iron’s storyline, and takes the form of a semi-organic, semi-synthetic technology, built to manipulate machines. Oh, and it’s self-replicating. Previously kept in vaults used to hide away Golden Age secrets (much like Rasputin’s secret hideout), the SIVA virus has escaped, and has taken over the land with a very physical presence.
Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 16.06.48

Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 16.08.08
Original concept art of The Plaguelands

There were hints that Lord Saladin, organiser of the Iron Banner and all-around bad-ass, had something to do with the outbreak of SIVA, and that maybe he was influential in its creation. Not too much was given away in the short stream, but Lord Saladin may not be the austere, rule-loving Iron Lord that he appears to be.

Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 16.06.22
Lord Saladin poses with his wolf companion in Rise of Iron concept art

The reveal stream definitely work to pique my interest. The SIVA threat seems more unknown, and somehow more deadly, than any of the previous enemies in the Destiny expansions. The rework of a previously known area to make it new again may seem like lazy work, but the development team also promised a brand new area to take on, so fear not Guardians. Furthermore, Rise of Iron shows Destiny for the first time in a reactive light, where the game is changing through the passage of time, and as new threats appear. Very World of Warcraft-esque, it definitely sets the tone of this expansion to be more focused around the story of the world, not just of the individual guardians.

Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 16.10.03
The SIVA virus is taking control of the Cosmodrome in a very physical manner.

So, what next? Preorder the new expansion to give your Guardian the most legendary Destiny weapon – the Iron Gjallarhorn. This newly updated Year One favourite also comes with the black version of the new Gjallarwing Sparrow on preorder (the silver version of which can be bought from Eververse Trading). Bungie will be doing another reveal stream live on their Twitch channel at Gamescon in mid-August. The stream will detail some of the changes coming to the Crucible in Rise of Iron, so stay tuned!

The new silver and black version of the Gjallarwing Sparrow, which comes with preorders of Rise of Iron at selected retailers.

All artwork is taken from the Bungie Rise of Iron reveal stream. All image rights belong to Bungie.

Bungie’s Twitch channel

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