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Three months after the release of the dark, tentacle filled, Old Gods expansion, new rumours have begun to circulate in Hearthstone‘s tavern. Worry not, Dr. Boom isn’t being made legal in standard, and Blizzard haven’t decided to re-buff the Force of Nature/Savage Roar combo – instead, players will soon be receiving an announcement about a new adventure.

Adventures are the card game’s small scale expansions, which pit players versus devious AI characters in order to win powerful (okay, not always powerful) new cards.

It had recently been leaked that the new set would be based on a World of Warcraft raid that’s name was three Chinese characters in length, which narrowed the possibilities down hugely. It now seems, however, with Blizzard’s invitation to a stream on the 28th of July that the set will be centred around the extremely popular Karazhan raid.

Most of the evidence has been complied by the famous (at least, in Hearthstone circles) super sleuth DisguisedToast, who posted a video full of theories, and memes, yesterday. The most important highlight to take from this is that the domain “” was registered on the same date as “” – which Blizzard used to promote the Old Gods expansion.

What is to be expected of this set is still completely unknown, but its a safe bet that the cards will feature large magical themes, as did the Karazhan raid, and the prominent Azeroth wizard Medivh will probably play a large role.

Stay tuned for more details, and know that “aggro-shaman” might only reign the tavern for a couple of months more. Hallelujah.

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