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Pokémon GO has been an incredible success for Niantic and Nintendo. With an estimated 75 million downloadsGO is one of the biggest and most downloaded apps of all time. However, with one American already claiming to have caught ’em all, it’s time to start looking ahead to the future of the app.

Luckily, u/Waybye over on r/PokemonGO has already established much of what will happen. As many users probably know, there are far more Pokémon than the 151 already in the app. In fact, there are over 700 Pokémon, with more set for release with the new Pokémon Sun and Moon games out this November. With so many creatures to add into the game, how can Niantic incorporate them into the real world, without drowning out the others?

u/Waybye suggests that the introduction of the new Pokémon will start slowly. It’s extremely likely that Niantic will only add the monsters from the Gold and Silver games, the second generation of Pokémon, in the next update. To start off, breeding will be introduced, allowing players to begin farming candies and discovering the baby Pokémon, such as Elekid and Magby, that were introduced in generation II. They suggest that existing Pokémon will be randomly assigned genders, and if two of the same (fully evolved) Pokémon of opposite genders are owned, they can be bred.

An infographic from u/Waybye detailing how breeding might enter Pokémon GO.
Details of how the generation II baby Pokémon will be unlocked.

There is the suggestion that breeding will occur as an in-app button press, but Niantic may choose to go down another route. They could use existing Pokéstops as Day Cares, where traditionally trainers could leave their Pokémon to train, only to come back and discover eggs. This would introduce a new real-world dynamic to the game separate from gym battles and Pokéstops, which could encourage players to walk even farther (and get even fitter).

After having acquired a baby Pokémon, the user’s Pokédex will be updated, and the second stage to the update master plan will unfold, allowing users to discover new, special evolutions, such as Scizor or Steelix. These required rare items in the original Gold and Silver games, and are likely to need these again. These would probably have an extremely low drop rate at Pokéstops, or could be bought in the shop for a high amount of coins. Whichever the case, gamers would need to get a new evolution before the rest of the generation II Pokémon are released into the wild.

Details on the new evolutions coming with the generation II Pokémon.
Details on the new evolutions coming with the generation II Pokémon.

Once both a baby Pokémon and one of the new evolutions have been discovered, it’s likely that Professor Willow will contact the player, and offer them one of Chikorita, Cyndaquil or Totodile, the starters from Pokémon Gold and Silver. After this, generation II Pokémon will begin to roam the wild as frequently as the original 151. It’s likely that Pokémon such as Hoot-hoot will replace Pidgeys at night (much to the relief of everyone), as the day-night cycle was influential in the second generation of games.

Professor Willow will eventually acknowledge all the hard work and exercise put into your Pokémon journey!
Professor Willow will eventually acknowledge all the hard work and exercise put into your Pokémon journey!

The update to include all the new Pokémon (and hopefully fix the three-step glitch) has no date on it yet, but Niantic are offering bi-weekly updates, so keep an eye on the Pokédex!

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