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Grow Home, the adventure platforming game from Ubisoft’s Reflection studio, is set to get a sequel! The game was first released in September 2015 on the Playstation 4, and featured in that month’s Playstation Plus lineup.

The game focuses on the procedurally animated robot B.U.D (Botanical Utility Droid), who must oxygenate its home planet by growing large beanstalks of the Star Plants. These move B.U.D between platforms, allowing the droid to explore new areas of the planet.

The game is very physics-based, and players control each of B.U.D’s limbs using individual buttons on the control (or keyboard and mouse). This gameplay style will not be changing for the sequel Grow Up, although the protagonist will now be sporting a whole new wardrobe.

B.U.D rocking the new aviator and B.U.G suits
B.U.D rocking the new aviator and B.U.G suits.

The new clothes aren’t just for style either. Laura, one of the two artists working on Grow Up in the Reflections Studio, recently did an interview with Playstation, saying that “they’re not just a fashion statement — the abilities you get while wearing them are delightful”.

Using B.U.D's new abilities will be key to exploring in Grow Up.
Using B.U.D’s new abilities will be key to exploring in Grow Up.

Grow Up‘s storyline involves B.U.D working to save M.O.M (its overseer), moving onto a new planet and heading to the moon! “The world of Grow Up is massive in comparison to Grow Home“, says Laura – and it’s going to be an acrobatic journey discovering it all!

Grow Up is pencilled for a 16th August release date – tomorrow! Keep an eye out for the new game!

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Laura from Reflections Studio in an interview with Playstation

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