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If you, like me, have had your head in the stars since the release of No Man’s Sky, you may have missed the newest video by The Pokémon Company detailing three new Alolan Pokémon, and a bit more information about the game’s story.

The video debuts three brand new Pokémon, only found on the Alolan islands. The first up is Wishiwashi, a new fish Pokémon with the ability School. Once Wishiwashi reaches a certain level, it can transform into a school of fish, creating a more powerful form.

Wishiwashi in its solo form (left) and school form (right)
Wishiwashi in its solo form (left) and school form (right).

The second of the new Pokémon is Pyukumuku, a strange, sea urchin Pokémon, which can move its innards outside its body to damage its foes. This ability seems to be activated when Pyukumuku is about to be knocked out, as a last ditch attempt to defeat the opponent.

The sea urchin Pokémon, Pyukumuku.
The sea urchin Pokémon, Pyukumuku.

The final of the new creatures is the mushroom Pokémon Morelull. This strange, nocturnal Pokémon walks around on its root-like legs and sucks the nutrients from the soil, causing surrounding plants to wither and die. Charming.

Morelull, the mushroom Pokémon.

Next up, The Pokémon Company treated us to three new Alolan forms of classic Pokémon: Meowth, Cubone and Raichu. Alolan Meowth was given to the kings and queens of the islands, and so lived a life of luxury, making it greedy (and Dark typed), changing it forever. After the monarchy was destroyed, Meowth became just as common in the Alola region as the rest of the world. Marowak takes on the form of Hawaiian fire poi dancer by lighting the ends of its bone on fire. It can use this fire to seek out and damage opponents with its new Ghost typing. Finally, Alolan Raichu is extra fluffy from eating pancakes (according to the Pokédex entry), and uses its new Psychic type to turn its tail into a surfboard!

New Alolan forms of Raichu, Marowak and Meowth!
New Alolan forms of Raichu, Marowak and Meowth!

Every Pokémon game follows a predictable pattern. New trainer sets out on journey, gets a few badges, picks a fight with the bad guys. Sun and Moon are set to be no different from the other games, and the evil group in the Alolan islands will be Team Skull! This band of youths appears to be Nintendo approach to getting down with the kids, which is probably why their sales aren’t doing so well at the moment. Even so, the younger antagonists makes a difference from the adults who were constantly being thumped by a young child.

The new Team Skull grunts.
The new Team Skull grunts.

As we approach the release of Sun and Moon, more details are sure to keep spilling out! Keep your eyes peeled for new Pokémon, and new stories!

What’s your favourite new Pokémon? Do you like the idea of the Alolan forms? Let us know in the comments below!

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Discover new Alolan Pokémon and Team Skull in new Pokémon Sun and Moon video

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