JP CaseyHeadshot

A Straight Edge writer, punk and literature student with more blogging projects than friends. Enjoys games with complex narratives, the Mass Effect and Football Manager series, and has a finely-honed talent for writing about themselves in the third person for online bios.

Hannah Rowe bb

An obsessive writer and gamer, studying English literature to facilitate a fascination with medieval languages. Spiritually bound to The Last of UsHeavy Rain, and anything resembling cinematic gaming. Enjoys analysing the darkest and most tragic of games for sheer amusement.

DSCF9048-e1441970606789-768x1024James Willoughby

A rock and metal enthusiast, both physically and musically. Likes writing in sentences, especially those with needless subordinate clauses. Devoted to Destiny, fanatic about FIFA, and addicted to games of all types. Also has the ability to use a thesaurus to make his writing sound more interesting and pompous.

Carne Gray-Roberts

12787320_10208909222230439_1044264674_oAn avid fan of anything with cool weapons, sassy characters and off-the-wall storylines, Carne has been playing games, badly, for longer than he has been writing in full sentences. His favourite series is Eidos Interactive’s Thief, followed closely by Insomniac Games’ Resistance. Carne also studies History at UCL and fancies himself as a comedian.

Megan Williams12810120_10205588401132730_845540141_o

Earth Science student who enjoys scarves. Games with vast and compelling narratives are favourites, and will always have a weak spot for Kingdom Hearts. Also, doesn’t really have enough time on her hands to realistically be playing video games but is making time regardless.

Holly SutherlandDSCF9047

Linguist-in-training, PC gamer, and an avid fan of good storytelling in all its forms.  More generally, a fan of games that make you think – whether in the puzzle sense, or the philosophical sense. Currently rather more attached to the Borderlands series and Telltale than might be considered wise.